Forced Futuristic (2.0) Art

My current concept is what I describe as #FF2.0Art – an idea which works like this:

Documents concerning movies and anti-rascist/anti-fascist activities are turned in to various places all over the world by cd/dvd. On each CD/DVD there are both court-numbers, photos, trailers and other serious documents included. These documents are mixed in such a way that the authorities -have- to consider them due to the legal system.

3D Future 2.0

3D Future 2.0

Furryghost Ghostman

So, one of the next step (I have already created Art this way is to send documents to Västerås stad and to Uppsala förvaltningsrätt about Nykvarn, #Sadoschokk , Jobbcentrum etc etc.


De La Future 3.5

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